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Tiffany Blue Audi R8

I saw this picture on (Chinese version of twitter). Although it is non-practical and too expensive, there is nothing preventing us to just appreciate the appearance. The color, Tiffany Blue (you know what I mean) feels so cool in hot hot hot Texas summer! One friend questioned the color as blue or green and triggered an interesting debate. One side argued that if you have a wife or girlfriend long enough, you will auto-detect that is Tiffany blue, also called Robin egg blue. The other side finally used scientific argument: Robin egg blue is  #81D8D0 (HTML color codes, hexadecimal triplets)  , therefore more green than blue.

Anyways, despite the debate let’s just enjoy the beauty:)

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“Whole” or not “Whole”?

As a non-native English speaker, I’m familiar with the first definition of “whole”, that is entire , all of. Not until 2001 I came to US for my graduate school in Ann Arbor where in this little Michigan town there exists a Whole Food Market (WFM) store, I started to get the second definition of “whole”: unprocessed and unrefined, in short, healthy (yes, at least we hope). Nonetheless, people start to use “whole” everywhere: whole body, whole spirit and even whole kids!

In 2007, I got my first job in Austin, Texas. Our company, by coincident, at that time, rented the office space inside the Whole Foods Market (WFM) headquarter building. For us, trying to stay “whole” is as simple as running down a couple of stairs. Along these years, many changes happen. We moved out the WFM building into the Chase building; I have kids, two lovely boys (four and one ); we start to have a group of lovely local friends …

As a mother, I would like to provide my kids with healthy food and love;  as a wife, I would like to keep our marriage live and whole; as a daughter, I would like to ensure my parents happy and healthy and as a woman, I would like to enjoy and share the passions with all my girlfriends. What do I want to leave out? …. Nothing! I want to enjoy the “whole” life (no matter what definition is), or at least that is the goal I’m working on.

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